Shreveport Sweeps El Paso

Jan 7, 2023

Friday: El Paso Rhinos 0 @ Shreveport Mudbugs 5 – Rhinos travel to Shreveport today for their first game of 2023. Rhinos held back the Mudbugs in the first period, but failed to score any goals of their own. Headed into the second period the Mudbugs took the initiative with two goals from Drake Morse and Ryan Burke. Shreveport leads 2-0 over El Paso as we move into the third period. Eric Vitale pushes the Mudbugs forward with the third goal of the night halfway through the period followed by Sutton Murray for a fourth. As the game came to a close Ryan Burke takes his second goal with merely 15 seconds left on the clock. The Mudbugs would come out on top with a 5-0 victory over the Rhinos.

Saturday: El Paso Rhinos 1 @ Shrevepot Mudbugs 6 – Game 2 is afoot as the Rhinos & Mudbugs take to the ice one again. Hot off last night’s defeat, the Rhinos aim to take revenge against the Mudbugs offering some fierce competition in the opening period. Both teams vying for control during the first led to a scoreless period with almost nothing of note but a single penalty against the Rhinos. The Mudbugs broke the silence by taking two goals at the start of the second, both attributed to Logan Heroux. The Rhinos’ were quick to regain their footing and even pulled off a goal thanks to our very own Tyler Green. The Mudbugs already ahead on momentum decided to keep the train going with three more goals throughout the remainder of the period. These goals would be awarded to Logan Gotinsky, Hayden Nichol, & Eric Vitale respectively. At the end of the second period Shreveport would hold onto a staggering 5-1 lead over the Rhinos. The Mudbugs’ Kason Muscutt snuck in one more goal before the game was out to give them a 6-1 victory over the Rhinos.