Silver Bullet Line Complete

Austin Balko, Nic Gualano along with Trevor Erickson made up one of the most potent line combination the Rhinos have ever had.

Erickson has already signed and now the other 2 pieces of that prolific trio have signed on the dotted line.

Austin Balko has been a scorer every since his first year with the Rhinos, now coming into his third and final year he has a chance to leave his mark on the Rhinos program and potentially to move past noted Rhinos Marcus Wilhite (Lebanon Valley College) and Nick Gorup (Milwaukee School of Engineering) as the all time leading scorer in the programs history.

“This is Austin’s year to shine, we’re expecting big things from him, it’ll be his third season as a Rhino and we need him to bring his game to the next level.

“Austin will be looked upon to be a leader on and off the ice and we need him to be a go to guy in big games”. – Coach Cory Herman

Nic Gualano is a veteran Rhino signee who came late in the season last year but was productive as soon as he hit the ice.

Once he was added to the Balko Erickson line, the dynamic trio started to light up scoreboard almost immediately.

A heady player from Chicago Nic will be expected to take up where he left off last season.

“Nic is very smart with the puck, he reads plays very well and has a knack for scoring big goals. “He was a key player for us last season especially during our playoff run and in the post season.

He’s strong on the puck and doesn’t make bad decisions”. – Coach Cory Herman