Tad Norris

Tad Norris

What years were you with the Rhinos?

I was a Rhino from ‘06 to ‘08.
How did you become a Rhino?

My career started after being contacted by Trevor Converse about playing for a new franchise down in El Paso, TX. He explained the franchise as if it was a professional organization. This definitely drew my attention and when I got down there and saw how Coach Herman ran things, I was sold.

Go back to when you were here. Describe the season or seasons in which you were here, how you felt, and what you experienced.

Playing for the Rhinos was a tremendous experience. The team is run so professionally that it makes you want to perform at the top of your game. I remember feeling challenged by Coach Herman\’s practices every morning and bonding tight relationships with my teammates. We were really like a family down there in EP.
What is your most memorable moment as a Rhino?

My most memorable moment as a Rhino was winning the THORNE CUP! Although I missed a series of playoffs games prior to the championship series, it was extremely gratifying. My teammates bled, bruised and broke to win those games. It was a great honor to have my jersey on next to those players.

What is one funny story about your time as a Rhino?
As far as funny stories go, I believe, if my memory serves me right, I was the first Rhino to miss the game bus and get left at the hotel. Coach isn\’t joking when he says, “The wheels role at such and such a time.”
Looking back, what do you miss the most?

I\’d have to say, of everything, I miss time with boys. There\’s nothing like being banded together every day with a group of guys that would go the extra mile for you.

Did you continue to play after your time with the Rhinos? And if so, where? Did you receive any awards?
I went on to play at the University of Wisconsin River Falls were we won 2 WIAC championships.
Is there anyone you that still keep in touch with in El Paso?

I still try and keep in touch with Coach Herman and Mike McDallas.

Where are you and what do you do now?

I am now married living in Burnsvile, MN with my wife and pup. I am attending Northwestern Health Science University College of Chiropractic.
What is one last thing would like to go back and do one last time as a Rhino?

I would love to go back and play one more round against the Phoenix Polar Bears in the National Championship for the title!