The 2007-08 El Paso Rhinos!!

Sep 10, 2007

Our goalie line up is solid. Heading them up is Arthur Hollinger who has proven to be a deceptively fast, consistent, and calm player. Coach Herman and Player Personnel Director Trevor Converse used the summer break to recruit a number of d-men, a position that the Rhinos found themselves lacking in last season. With the addition of Seth Longbottom, Zach Hale, Sean Molina, Anthony Paulsen and returning players Bill Krueger and Matt Hauge, the Rhinos defense look tough to beat. Leading scorer Marcus Wilhite has plenty of help with linemates Austin Balko and Kevin Koyne. Sherman and Gorup with newcomer Zach Kohn are going to frustrate our opponent’s defense with their size, speed and raw talent. Not to exclude our speciality lines that bring to the team huge hits and offensive talent.  New players to watch: forward Rashad Harris will progress quickly under Coach Herman’s tutelage, Austin Balko, a youngster at just 17, is playing years ahead and will be a tremendous asset to the team and Zach Kohn with his sweet hands and speed is going to rack up the points. Big Poppa Sherman has led this team from Day 1 and should excel in his permanent forward position. Wilhite is in unbelievable physical condition and will capitalize on the help he’ll be receiving from his new line. Hinn will be anchoring the defense and has been a silent leader to the new players. Gorup has returned with his usual sunny disposition and his play on the ice has never looked better. Last season’s youngster Hayden Kowalski returns a little taller but with the same consistent, skillful style of play. Krueger, Hauge and Bo Hernandez showed up with great attitudes, all looking forward to playing again as Rhinos. As we get ready to start this second season we should acknowledge the “original” Rhino players that have moved on. That was a special team, a collection of players that formed an amazing team and had a phenomenal year for any team let alone a rookie one. We wish you all the best in hockey and in life. Let the season begin!