The Crash

This year, the Rhino support club is all-new with a new name and logo!  The Crash (A group of Rhinos) has been established as a means of helping our favorite El Paso hockey team achieve their goals while maintaining the focus on the players themselves.

Our plan is to support the Rhino players, which in turn, helps improve our players’ experience while they are here in El Paso and away from home. A stronger support club will help with recruiting and retention of our players.We intend to provide monthly gatherings for the players, raise money, and have opportunities to meet our players.  At the same time, we will show our out of town player’s just how neat El Paso really is.

The Crash is a tiered support club with a $25.00 annual membership fee as a basic member to a $100.00 platinum member.  Each has perks such as a custom season specific t-shirt or polo, opportunities to interact with the players and “backstage” access to specific events.

This year we hope to have your support while we:

  • Increase awareness of the El Paso Rhinos within our community
  • Host monthly birthday parties for the players
  • Provide a monthly after-hours and away from the rink event for the players
  • Ensure our players have food before traveling and after home games
  • Look to the future of El Paso hockey and support our young Rhinos

Click here to register.