Tim Odermatt

Sep 22, 2014

With the season opener only days away, the Rhinos will release a roster heavy with European imports. Odermatt, the only Switzerland native, looks to embrace the blue collar playing style of the rhinos. “As a new player I will try to learn the new hockey system as fast as possible, try to understand what Cory Herman wants from me and meet the new guys.”
The former HC Davos player posted 36 points in two full seasons with Swiss team. His previous coach noted his discipline, emphasizing his skating skill and ability to read the game. Over the summer, Tim’s work ethic was apparent as it was his first time conducting off-season training without the help of a franchise. “My off ice practice was this year a bit different than the last 15 years since I began to play hockey. It was the first summer which I trained alone without a team. I could improve my weaknesses which was very good. I went every weekday except Sunday to the gym.”
Odermatt’s summer culminated in traveling to El Paso. “For me it isn\’t daunting to play in a new team and location. It is always an exciting experience to play in a new location with other guys.” That same eagerness has already formed his goals of winning the Thorne Cup and “[scoring] as many points as possible so that [he gets] a contract to an NCAA college.”
Additionally, Tim also has other plans while he’s in El Paso, “I would like to speak better English and maybe I would learn Spanish. And I want to make the Rhinos fans happy!” While the Swiss skater will not have the opportunity to show off his skills in the Sun City until the home opener in October, Odermatt is garnering support from his followers in Switzerland. This weekend, he took the time to create this short montage of clips, encouraging friends and family in Europe to support the Rhinos. Take a look at it below!