The El Paso Rhinos will provide a first class experience when you attend our try-out camp. The Rhino approach will provide professional coaching, pre-game video examples of our team identity, a walk through all our training facilities and the chance to experience the best fans in junior hockey. All players will receive a welcome bag that provides discounts and coupons to team sponsors and local restaurants.

We will also provide breakfast everyday at the arena along with snacks and beverages suitable for high caliber athletes. Every player will receive a jersey and team apparel to wear for attending the camp.

Once you sign up for tryouts, we want to provide a high quality environment so that each player has the ability to play at their very best in front of our entire staff and earn a spot with the El Paso Rhinos NAHL team.

To register for tryout camp, please pay at this link. After the payment has been submitted, you will receive a link to the registration form. NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE.

Once registration form has been submitted, please complete and print all portions of the USA Hockey Consent to Treat form and send it to  All non-US Citizens must also complete and print either the USA Hockey / Hockey Canada Tryout Notice  (Canadians) or the IIHF Tryout Notice (all others).  You will not be allowed to participate without these forms. 

Consent to Treat/Medical History Form



USA Hockey International Player Tryout Notice

USA Hockey / Hockey Canada Try-Out Notice

USA Hockey Member Registration



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