Warriors sweep Rhinos 4-0 in Game 2

Apr 10, 2022

Friday: Wichita Falls 6 @ El Paso 0 – El Paso plays host this weekend as the Wichita Falls Warriors visit Rhino Country. The Rhinos & Warriors hit the ice at 7:00 PM ready to duke it out. Philip Tornqvist would be the first player to take a goal tonight, putting the Warriors in the lead halfway through the first period. We move into the second period with Garret Horsager, Tornqvist once more, and Max Doren adding three more points to the Warrior’s score. Now leading 4-0 at the end of the second period, the Warriors hadn’t let up yet. Unfortunately for the Rhinos, Dominick Rivelli and Brendan Williams would each snag one goal each to put the Warriors final tally at 6-0.


Saturday: Wichita Falls 4 @ El Paso 0 : Rhinos host the Warriors once more for a second game. Coming off last night’s Warriors victory the Rhinos would seek to even out the series hopeful for a win. Unfortunately, fierce competition on both end would see the first period end with neither team scoring. Going into the second period we find Nick Comfort of the Warriors taking the first goal of the night for the Warriors. Continuing their control of the match the Warriors would once more score as Cade Lemmer awards Wichita their second point followed closely behind by Brendan Williams for the third. Rhinos trail 3-0 behind the Warriors at the start of the third period. With the game winding down Adisen Brueck took one final goal for the Warriors, finalizing the game with a 4-0 Victory.