Warriors Sweep Rhinos 3-0 in Game 2.

Feb 18, 2023

Friday, Oklahoma Warriors 3 @ El Paso Rhinos 1 – Rhinos play host this weekend as the Warriors pay a visit to El Paso Texas for 2 games. We start off the night as Oklahoma takes the first goal of the night attributed to Hunter Allen. Aside from a couple small penalties the rest of the period is relatively uneventful. Headed into the second period it would be the Warriors to once more take initiative as Hunter Allen scores his second goal of the night. At 16:07 in the period the Warriors take on one final point to set the score at 3-0 over the Rhinos. Following one final intermission Warriors & Rhinos take to the ice for the final period of the night. Rhinos fought hard for every bit of ice and it finally pays off in the last minute of the game as David Tolan gives us our first goal of the night. While the Warriors would take a 3-1 victory, this final goal by Tolan would prevent a total blowout as we head into game 2 tomorrow night.

Saturday, Oklahoma Warriors 3 @ El Paso Rhinos 0 – Returning to the ice after last night’s game the Rhinos & Warriors are up for Game #2. Rhino defense held firm in the first period as they kept the Warriors at bay for the full 20 minutes. Headed into the second period the score sat at 0-0 with neither team at a clear advantage. The second period looked to be a repeat of the first as not a single point was earned by either team until the very last minute where Blaise Miller broke through Rhino defense to put the Warriors ahead 1-0 before the second intermission. As the teams return to the ice for the third period, Rhinos aimed to take back momentum. Unfortunately the Warriors would go on to score again as William Lawson-Body increased their lead to 2-0 at the 13:06 mark. Just when it seemed like the night wouldn’t see any more scoring Owen Dyer gives the Warriors one last goal before the time is out in another last-minute goal. Oklahoma takes the night 3-0 to end the series with a 2-game sweep.